Bryan Angelos Flying With Angels Gratis PDF

Bryan Angelos - Flying With Angels

Bryan Angelos - Flying With Angels

  • Título Original: Flying With Angels
  • Los autores: Bryan Angelos
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 09.10.2012
  • Género: Novela contemporánea
  • ISBN: 9781785074707
  • El Tamaño De Archivo: 4.90MB
  • Idioma: Español
  • Formato de Ebooks : PDF, EPUB

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Nobody evokes the mysteries of beauty and the beauty of mystery the way Bryan Angelos does. This collection of poems ranges from love, spirituality to flying with Angels. A collection brilliantly put together. - OCR (Online Christian Radio) The poems are brim-full of surprises, twists and turns...... but only to the reader s delight. - RM Publishers Bryan Angelos has the power to take us to unexpected places .... A refreshing collection of poems. - PaWaR (Publishers, Writers and Readers) Conference. Flying with Angels moves between narrative and lyric in its exploration of love, inspiration, politics and finishes off with a soft landing on spirituality. Bryan Angelos is an aviator by profession and an avid reader of poetry. Voted Poet Laureate of the PaWaR conference 2015. Flying with Angels is Bryan s debut full-length poetry collection and has received fantastic reviews to date. Part of his work, Life is a roller coaster, has been published in the PaWaR magazine and is also due to be published in the Effuse Magazine issue number 4. With this collection he has created a fluid set-piece which is consistent and concise while captivating the reader in entirety. Bryan lives in the UK and you can follow him on Twitter @BryanAngelos._,


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